A slaying queen faces embarrassment at the hands of a driver after booking a ride without paying anything other than sacrificing her braids.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the brutal moment two men mercilessly damaged the hair of a passenger.

Driver cuts off braids of slay queen after booking ride without money

According to reports, the South African lady booked the trip and, on getting to the drop-off point, offered no means of payment to the cab driver.

The man, however, rejected the advances and insisted on cutting her braids as a form of punishment for wasting his time and effort and not having money to pay.

In the video, the slay queen could be seen and heard struggling to stay still while her braids were trimmed off with blunt scissors.

“She ordered an Uber while she didn’t have money to pay. She thought she would pay using clito currency & this happened,” the caption on the video stated.

Watch the video below …

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