Fans Criticise Bae U Over Ayefele Interview

Social media content creator Bae U has faced significant backlash following his recent interview with gospel musician Yinka Ayefele.

In the latest episode of his “Curiosity Made Me Ask” podcast, Bae U made demeaning jokes about Ayefele’s physical challenge, prompting widespread disapproval from Nigerians.

The video, shared online, has sparked outrage among viewers who believe Bae U’s remarks were inappropriate and disrespectful to Ayefele.

Fans have expressed their displeasure, insisting that such sensitive topics should not be used as material for jokes.

“Very insensitive jokes here just for a few likes. You don’t use “disability” to catch a cruise,” Ben Samuel said on X.

Another X user, Fortunate, said: “Grow up man, you can do this with your fellow content creators or social media influencers. That’s the highest form of disrespect and gutter behaviour.”

Judith wrote: “I really don’t find this funny, Yinka Ayefele might not find it offensive, but do you realise we have people living with disabilities that will be traumatised watching this video? Like what’s funny actually in mocking someone? I know you’re copying funny macros content but funny macros will never try this nonsense in America, but Nigeria is Nigeria, sha.”

Some, however, have argued that the interview was primarily intended for dark humour and that the guests were likely to have been informed about what would happen on the show.

Watch full clip:

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