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Fatal accident occurs at UNILORIN, claims five lives (VIDEO)

Fatal accident occurs at Unilorin, claims five lives

The accident has claimed five lives already.

A fatal accident has occurred at the University of Ilorin Dam resort, which has claimed five lives and rendered few others unconscious.

According to reports gathered, the unfortunate incident happened at about 10pm , on the 6th of December 2021, which involved a private car and a commercial shuttle.

It was also gathered that the private car (a Lexus) collided with the shuttle (korope) at full speed, even with the latter trying his best to avoid the incident.

Of the five lives claimed, the driver of the shuttle, his wife and his two daughters have been pronounced dead on arrival at the University Teaching Hospital.

Also, the driver of the private car has been pronounced dead, with the rest of the passengers of the shuttle rendered unconscious.

However, the Student Union President Taofik Waliu Opeyemi has called for calm as the situation is under control.

“The accident that recently happened after dam is under control already,” he said.

“All victims are being treated in the University Teaching Hospital. Let’s remain calm !!”

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