A while back Feminism was a movement most young Nigerian women embraced with pride. It became an inclusion in the bio of many, a mark of a modern African woman with an awoken consciousness. People gave themselves monikers such as, Feminist Chichi, Black Feminist, and lots more.

During the EndSars campaign, the group Feminist Coalition played a vital role. Via crowd-funding, they gathered funds which they dispensed to ensure that; those protesting were comfortable during the protests, arrested protesters were freed, and the injured received adequate medical care. The founders were givinqqg accolades and were widely recognised.

This was a huge win to the many women and even men that considered themselves to be feminists. Feminists had proven to be useful, and feminism was no longer looked upon as a mere joke.

Unfortunately, just when the ovation was at the highest for feminists, with a bang things spinned backwards. It has continued rapidly to spin backwards. The ovation is all gone and if things continues to spin this way, feminism is likely to completely lose its value in Nigeria.

What Went Wrong?

Pride creeped in and things fell apart. Feminists hold a commanding power on social media, especially Twitter. Lately, they come up with the most ridiculous takes that fuels gender war. Anyone with a contrary opinion from their’s is bashed and bullied heavily. They go as far as writing to people’s schools and places of work over matters that are yet to be verified.

The brutish attitude displayed by some acclaimed feminists online, led to the suicide of Izu who was accused of a rape he said he never committed. He couldn’t bear the pain and took his life. Last year, a young lady was driven to the point of almost taking her life after heavily being bullied by a host of females that called themselves feminists. This cruelty steadily displayed by these ladies did not go unnoticed.

In a recent interview, Chimamanda who is widely known as an authority in feminism, mentioned that some Nigerian women display their meaness and wickedness under the guise of feminism. She mentioned that such persons were not feminists. This statement of facts by Chimamanda recieved a backlash from a host of acclaimed feminists. Some even said Chimamanda’s feminism was no longer deep enough. Nevertheless, they went on to prove Chimamanda’s stance as accurate by being vile in the name of being a feminist.

Lately, people are beginning to view feminism in Nigeria as simply man hating. Those who know the real meaning of feminism are constantly put into embarrassment by those who has taken over the movement online to display nothing but hate and vileness.

A member of the Feminists Coalition called for women to boycott Twitter on the 9th of April, as a protest against online harassment of women. She was obviously not taken seriously for many women logged onto Twitter that day and men made fun of the whole incident. Frankly, I didn’t perceive any impact the protest made. The core essence of feminism seems to have been lost.

It appears that with their own hands feminists are killing what true feminism represents. If they continue to tread this path, feminisim will be branded as something vile in Nigeria.

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