It was a noisy local bar and I was just there for the light so I could work. However, a few feet from me sat a man who was wearing a black polo on which was written: ‘Fast life leads to a short life.’

Amazingly, I paused from my work to reflect on the words I had just randomly read. I could not help but ponder on what a fast life entails and why it leads to a short life. 

Fortunately, I am sharing the results of my reflection. A read I believe you will find worthwhile.

What is Fast Life?

The lifestyle of living recklessly, usually characterized by partying hard, taking drugs and alcohol, breaking laws like they don’t apply to you and doing illegal stuff to make quick money is known as a fast life.

An individual who treads on this path is moving in a fast lane and there are dire consequences.

Consequences of a Fast Life

You Could Become a Jailbird 

People who live a fast life are more often in jail than they are not. They end up spending more time in an orange jumpsuit than in any other piece of clothing. 

Their reckless lifestyle lands them in trouble so often that behind bars becomes their second abode. 

Frankly, if you want to avoid having a criminal record, stay away from a fast life. Choose slow and consistent over the fast lane. Remember, if you do the crime you will do the time.

You Could Hurt Others

A few months ago, a lady driving under the influence of alcohol and exceeding speed limits killed several people while driving. After her arrest, it was observed that she normally brags online about being the best-drunk driver.

Sadly, her reckless lifestyle cost innocent people their lives. Hopefully, she will be behind bars for a long time.

Stay Haunted Forever

The sins of the past sometimes return to haunt us fiercely. People who engage in a fast life when younger still get haunted by their inactions even when they are in a better place.

In the new season of The Kardashians, Kim was seen crying over her sex tape popping in an ad as her son played video games.

Though she has built a reputation over the years, the sex tape which was her route to fame keeps haunting her.  

Indeed, taking the fast lane sometimes scars you for eternity.


Folks who engage in a fast life at a young age end up feeling depressed. They struggle with addiction and soon a feeling of life being meaningless creeps in. 

In life, it is better to climb through the social ladder healthily. Work legitimately and strike healthy bonds. 

All that shady hustle from a young age leaves you feeling empty way too soon. Avoid the fast lane, it is exciting at the beginning but the euphoria is fickle. It fades shortly and leaves you cold.

Fast Life Leads to Short Life

Truly, when you tread the path of a fast life you are inviting a short life.

People who go by the fast lane leave the world shortly as their lifestyle exposes them to physical danger and health risks. This danger often costs them their lives.  

Often, in the news tons of young people are reported to be sentenced to death for selling illicit drugs. Young people who engage in this illegal business are aware of the risks yet they take that path.

The fast life syndrome has got young people breaking the law to make money. Unfortunately, they become the architect of their destruction.

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