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Lifestyle - February 26, 2022

Five Crucial Skills Every Child Must Learn to be Outstanding


Recently, I stumbled on the video of a 1-year-old child learning how to swim. Truly, I was thrilled and that 30 seconds clip reminded me of how extraordinary the next generation is set to be.

Dear reader, the world is in a constant state of evolution and fierce competition. Ensuring your child is well equipped for the future is a priority. Also, achieving this priority is heavily dependent on the skills they acquired as children.

Nowadays, simply being able to read and write will no longer suffice. Contemporary parents go above and beyond in grooming tremendously skilled children. Anyway, if you are one of those laidback traditional parents, wake up from your slumber. Else, your children will be positioned in a disadvantaged angle.

Skills Every Child Must Familiarize


Introduce your children to the world of coding at a young age. Regardless of whether it catches your fancy or not, the world has moved digital. Only those prepared for the digital world will make great impacts.


Furthermore, technology has been infused into every sector. Presently, doctors, lawyers, bankers, and others all use technology to attain significant results.

Therefore, being familiar with various computer languages is an advantage you should give to your child/ward. Therefore, enrol them in coding classes. 

Draw them into the World of Monopoly

Playing monopoly from a young age will sharpen a child’s business acumen. Consequently, rather than wallowing in video games, engage them with monopoly.

Honestly, learning how to make the right business deals through this game today, will be resourceful tomorrow.

Indeed, some of the greatest business strategists like Femi Otedola are known to be skilled in the game of monopoly. 

Introduce them to Musical Instruments

Being able to outstandingly play a musical instrument is a huge flex. Kindly get your child acquitted with a musical instrument.


Additionally, the ability to learn a complex subject as music at such a young age will do their mind some good. Accordingly, get them to learn music seriously.

Teach them a Foreign Language

Do you know that being bilingual is incredible? Well, yes, it is.

Make efforts to ensure your child learns how to write and speak in a foreign language. Also, be strategic in choosing a second language for them.


Currently, getting a child familiar with Mandarin is positioning them strategically in the future business world.

Mastery of a Sport

The lives of Ronaldo, Messi, Mane, Lebron James, Steph Curry, Russell, Anthony Joshua, Hamilton, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, and other great sportsmen have shown us how being great in a sport can positively change your life.

Introduce your child into participating in a sport. They might excel and make great statements.

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