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Five Things You Should Never do In A Relationship


When struck by Cupid’s arrow even timid people find their flame. A love-filled relationship can spark the adventurous personality in you and make you daring. Regardless of how drunk in love you are with your boyfriend, or spouse, here are five things you must never do.

Never Send Your Nude Photo

No matter how high on ecstasy you are, never send your nude picture to anyone. Especially a nude photo that captures your face. 

It is enough for your partner to have a memory of your body. Having a picture of it is not a necessity. 

Nude photos are viewed as a way to spice things up especially in a distant relationship, nevertheless, bear in mind that on countless occasions we have seen love birds flip to angry birds. 

To avoid blackmail in the future and unnecessary drama, resist the urge to snap your naked body. Glaring at the mirror in admiration of your body should be enough. 

Avoid Making A Sex Tape

Irrespective of how much fun you are having while being intimate with your partner, a sex tape should not be an option. 

It is alright if you want to try various styles, cunnilingus and even BDMS sex. However, allow that moment to be private and save it in your memory. Never take chances with what might taint your reputation. 

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Our phones might be our private property but there are chances the content in them might become public. You might lose your phone or fall out with your partner. Therefore, be mightful of what you video of yourself. 

Frankly, if Kim Kardashian could extinct her sex video she would. The billionaire did mention that the sex tape is her only regret and an incident she wishes she can take back.

Don’t Lose Yourself

Never lose yourself simply because you are in a relationship or marriage. People sometimes change their wardrobe and personality just to match their partner’s energy. This is an inauthentic way to live. 

Your partner should make you a better version of yourself and not a shadow of who you are. Don’t sacrifice your dreams and aspirations on the altar of a relationship. Remember, we only live once; make it worthwhile.

Grow, evolve but never lose yourself. You don’t want to stare in the mirror and not recognise the person staring at you.

Do Not Isolate Yourself From Family and Friends

The fact you are in a relationship or marriage does not make your family and friends irrelevant. Do not disconnect from the people who have been there for you simply because you are someone’s spouse.  

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While you give your relationship the attention it needs, also create time for your family and friends. Occasionally hang out with them and attend their functions. Life is beautiful when you create and maintain formidable relationships.  

Do Not Become Mr/Mrs Endurance

Endurance should not become your middle name in a relationship. As expected, every relationship will have its fair share of turbulence that must be overcome. Nevertheless, it is not everything you should endure.

If your partner is a cheat, walk away before they give you HIV, herpes, and STDs. Also, never endure an abusive relationship. Flee from it.

Do not turn your name to endurance in the name of keeping a relationship or home.

In conclusion, there are certain boundaries you should not step over in relationships. If the advice of this piece is adhered to, you will avert unnecessary drama.


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