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Flvme hits back at ex-girlfriend following her tweet about dating SA rappers


Flvme and his ex girlfriend, Ashleigh Ogle recently had a brawl and they definitely not having it.

The star threw shade at his ex following her tweet about dating rappers.

Ashleigh has been in the South Ahh entertainment industry for 19 years.

One Twitter user commented that Flvme is still hurting, which clarified to not be the case.

Ashleigh has since deleted her tweet, where she said that only dizzy girls date rappers in South Africa.

In her now-deleted tweet, Ashleigh revealed that she would never again date a rapper.

Although she did not mention names but Flvme is the only rapper she has once dated.

“ONLY dizzy girls don’t date rappers in South Africa. You can’t be broke, homeless and a rubbish all at the same damn time,”
read her tweet.
Flvme has laughed off Ashleigh’s comments but also had to let his feelings known.

The last heated exchange between Flvme and Ashleigh resulted in the musician revealing he had hit her.

Well, this time around he did not let this slide as he shared on Twitter that on his side of the fence, stupid industry grannies are laughed at.

Flvme mentioned no names but were able to speculate, who the tweet was about.


— GERMANDER II DONE !!! (@FlvmeSA) October 12, 2021

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