Leeches are parasites. Their parasitic mindset keeps screaming ‘Take! Take some more! Take again! Oh, shamelessly ask for more! C’mon, what is the use of keeping friends if you do not suck them dry!’

The word reciprocate is non-existent in their alternate universe. Like a sponge, they absorb your value and rarely attempt to add any value to your being.

Funny enough, leeches are oblivious to their nature. In their head, they are good people whereas they are simply walking and breathing parasites. Dear reader, just as you wouldn’t want lice in your hair, trust me, you don’t need leeches as friends. 

Who is a Friend?

A friend is someone you share a bond with. An individual you are close to and comfortable around. Someone you can rely on as you both go through life. You invest in each other’s wellbeing. You bask in each other’s joy and go through tough times together. Good friends are a force to reckon with. He who finds a good friend has found a haven. An oasis in this troubled world.

Who is a Leech?

When leeches stare at a mirror they see the reflection of a human being, however, they are parasites in human form. Leeches are selfish and grossly self-insufficient. 

Those lots are fair-weather friends that won’t stick around when the road ahead is bumpy. I know everyone needs a companion, however, it is better to stick with your shadow than have a leech in your corner.

After explaining the concept of friendship and describing a leech, I hope you can deduce that you have no business keeping a leech as a friend. 

Nevertheless, there are chances you are already friends with a leech. Well, just as wheat is separated from the chaff during harvest, it is time to sort your circle. Are you ready? If yes, hop on this train of anti-leeches and read on.

Signs that your Friend is a Leech

He/She is Always on the Receiving End

If your supposed friend is always asking and barely ever giving he/she is a leech. Listen, it doesn’t matter if you are more financially buoyant, a good friend would not want to always be at the receiving end. 

Frankly, the attitude of always sapping and never giving is inexcusable. If you have a friend that is always in your corner to benefit but rarely does anything for you, he/she is a leech. Remember, it is supposed to be a friendship and not a charity scheme. 

Mind you, the act of giving and receiving is not limited to material things. It borders across emotional needs, and all-around support.

You are Only Remembered when they Need a Favour

If your friend only remembers your friendship when he/she needs a favour, such a friend is a leech. People say a friend in need is a friend indeed. However, this principle does not apply when you are only their friend when they are in need. 

A friend who only remembers you when in need, is no friend at all. Remember friendship is for the good days and tough days. No one has the right to place you on their go-to list when they don’t share their good moments with you.

If He/She is Overly Dependent

Leeches can be very clingy to the person they benefit from. As opposed to putting efforts to grow themselves, they cling to their successful friends for benefit. They are easily sycophants and slimy folks.

They are usually very dependent people and are characterized by shamelessness. A person with shame would be embarrassed to be dependent on another person. However, since leeches are shameless they will depend on you and weigh you down without remorse.

For what it is worth, they are good flatterers and the perfect yes-man and bootlickers. 

He/She Feels Entitled

Leeches are oblivious to their parasitic ways. Instead, they feel entitled to what you have. When they stop getting their way they could switch up on you.

Leeches are not loyal. Rather, their support lies in what they gain from you. The moment the gains stop, they walk away. Frankly, everyone is better off without leeches.

Finally, take your time to analyze what your friends bring to the table. If there is anyone who only extracts from the table, then you have a leech to lose.

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