A lot of people ask questions everyday on how the world was created, what the circle of life is, who God is and how did his existence come about, many people go online looking for answers why others ask people whose knowledge is greater than theirs in this kind of things, but they don’t still get the suitable answers to their questions.

We have two sets of people in the world. The ones who choose to believe in God even without seeing him and the ones who choose to not believe in God cause they accept the notion “Seeing is Believing”. So, they come up with their own facts that prove there is no God. We are very familiar with the most popular scripture in the Bible.(John 3:16). I’m not going to quote it cause you probably know it, but if you don’t please reach out to a bible and check it out.

God loved the world so much, despite the bad and crazy thing the world turned out to be. He made the world and put us in it and gave us rules and regulations and said “If only you will obey this, you will be fine” but we disobeyed and we kept on with the sin, and then he finally decided he was going to send his only son, to come and die, so we may be saved, and he just said one thing, that whoever believes in his son will not perish but have everlasting life.

That’s why no matter what your past is, once you decide to accept Christ and you believe in him. All your past will be forgotten and you then start a new life all over again. So, most people always have this mindset, that God is always looking for the righteous ones to be able to use, and some people have this guilt that they’ve committed abominable sins, so it wouldn’t feel right for them to come to God, then they accept the fact that they are not for Christ.

I will now tell you about familiar people in the bible, who God recognized and used for his glory, despite the fact that they committed the worst form of sin. Let’s start with David who God referred to as “A man after his heart”. That’s big right? but do you also remember that David committed adultery with a woman named Bathsheba, who was the wife of one of David’s most loyal soldiers “Uriah” and just to cover up the crime, he ended up having Uriah killed.

Alright, what about Paul, Peter even Mary Magdalene, I’m sure you know what they did, but in case you don’t. Paul who was formerly known as Saul was a persecutor of Christians, Peter who was the closest friend of Jesus denied him and then Mary Magdalene who was said to be a prostitute, it was recorded that she was the first person to see Jesus when he resurrected. If you take a look at this four, you will find out that their sins were so abominable, but because God’s love is unconditional, God was merciful towards them and he used them for great things.

God is all about love, relationships and not Religion. I repeat not religion and that’s why you find division when it comes to Religion cause Religion is Man-Made. Jesus did not die for Christians, he died for the whole world cause he loves us. So be you a Muslim, Christian, whatever religion you might put out to be. Jesus loves you and that’s what he want you to know. He doesn’t just want you to come to him, only when you are in need or when you are scared. I mean don’t get me wrong, you can still do that, but he wants you to be your best friend, he wants you to tell him about that cute boy or girl in class you like, that boss that is always getting on your nerves, your fears, insecurities, he wants you to tell him how your day went.

He wants to build a solid relationship with you, and the sweet thing about it is that, he doesn’t leave when things go wrong, in fact he’s always there to help and support you. No relationship works one-sided, he can’t be the only one showing his love to you, he also needs you to do same by accepting him and believing he can do anything. What do you say?



  1. First of all when I saw the heading of this post , I did not have what I have in my mind now.I’m going to cherish the knowledge I got from this write_up. Thanks

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