Guy Suggests Guys Should Consider Ending Relationships If Their Girlfriends Don’t Request Financial Support

A man stuns netizens with his advice to his fellow gender, and tells them to break up if their girlfriend doesn’t demand money in the relationship.

He shared this after his unsavoury experience with his serious girlfriend.

He narrated how they had been dating for years and she didn’t use to make any financial demands.

She would come over to his place without demanding transport, cook for him and not ask for a dime back.

Man advises fellow men to break up if their girlfriend doesn’t ask for money

The young man assumed she had rich parents who regularly provided for her so he trusted her.

They also had each other’s phone passwords and on no occasion had he seen anything that got him worried.

However, he recently went through her bank transactions and discovered that she was receiving huge amounts of money from another man.

This now brought him to the conclusion that if your girlfriend isn’t demanding, you are not her main partner and she has another man on the side.

See reactions to the video here

amyshine0 said: “She mustn’t even bill you before giving her! Spend on your babe, buy her gifts, give her money! That’s one of the sweetness of real LOVE.”

enofe.micheal_ reacted: “If girls bill una go complain if she no bill una na still complain Abeg make una leave this girls alone men and women are wired differently”

officialsarahmartins added: “I don’t even know how to open mouth and ask for favors.. I always feel an intentional man should know when to give without being asked ????????‍♀️”

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