Has The EndSARS Protests Yielded Results?

The government is asking for a stop to the ongoing protests claiming it has yielded results and their demands are being meant. However, if the government reaction to the protests is peered upon critically one would note that the protest has not made the changes it aimed to make.

The Call To EndSARS

The government played a tricky game. As opposed to the ending of SARS which should entail the dismissing of the officers that have perpetrated so much evil, they simply changed the name of the unit to SWAT.

According to reports, members of the SWAT team started training yesterday the 19th of October 2020. This occurred despite the fact Nigerians have insisted that SWAT should be ended since it is filled with the same officers that rained havoc as SARS operatives. 

The call for the end of SWAT has fallen on deaf ears. The government claims that the protesters called for the End of SARS and it has been disbanded. 

End Police Brutality

The protesters demanded the end of brutality against citizens by the police. However, actions by the members of the police have shown that this demand is not being noted. Ironically, the protesters calling for the end of police brutality are being brutalized by the same police.

Some protesters and bystanders were even shot during the protest resulting in the death of some persons. Also, some youths in Kano recently took to the streets to protest after a 17-year-old boy was reportedly tortured to death by the police in Kano. This shows that the Nigerian police are yet to change their ways and the government is not trying to stop them.

Justice For Victims

The protesters are equally calling for justice for all those that died and were brutalized during the protests. Nevertheless, there is no shown proof that any police officer has been brought to justice. If these officers are not brought to book, it will further encourage police brutality and they will feel untouchable. 

What Has the Protest Achieved?

The protest has achieved unity amongst the youths irrespective of tribe or religion. With this new-found unity, the youths have a chance of obtaining democratic power in 2023.Β 

The protests have further shown just how incompetent our leaders are, and how gravely they lack goodwill towards the country and her people. Furthermore, the protests have debunked the assertion that Nigerians youths are lazy. The youths displayed great organizational skills and in-depth knowledge of how to facilitate activities smoothly.Β 

The youths have equally shown the world that they are ready to lead, and that is in itself a great victory.

Final Thoughts

We may not have achieved our goals but we have shown our strengths and broken the stereotype and bad image they threw at us. If this unity and resilience are maintained and displayed in the 2023 elections, this generation will make history. 

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