Highly Profitable Psychology Tricks That You’d Find Useful.

 Highly Profitable Psychology Tricks That You’d Find Useful.
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Hey there! Yeah, I’m back with my psychology tricks. (Yunno someone once told me she thought I’m studying Psychology because of my posts #blushing). Anyways, I’ve got new ones for y’all. I’m very sure you’d enjoy it. Let’s meuve!

1. In convenience stores, the best-selling beverages are always placed at the bottom of the store. The purpose is to let customers enter the store and shop around, so that they will buy more things. And that’s why you should have a budget before shopping.

2. Under normal circumstances, the number of passwords set by people will not exceed three, even if there have been many passwords, they will eventually become those 2 or 3. You see, nobody wants to spend unnecessary time, energy and money retrieving a password they cannot remember. Stick to the familiar.  


3. Get up immediately after the alarm rings, clenched fists and shout “Yeah!” This way, you will be more energetic when you wake up early. (This is for those that actually wake up when the alarm rings. The rest of you should find your trick elsewhere #sniggers)

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4. Goods that are highly related in the store are often put together, so as to stimulate customers’ purchase needs. Once again, the need to have a budget!

5. If the team atmosphere is lazy, when you assign tasks, don’t say “do this”, you should say “start with this.” In this way, the work partners will think that the workload is less, and will encourage them after they finish one item to do the next item.

6. If you have an opinion on someone’s behavior and don’t want to cause a dispute, you can use positive words to remind the other person, such as changing “You didn’t close the window.” to “The window is still open”.

7. In the minds of many people, a price of N49.9 will be classified into the category of more than N50, and a price of more than N30 will be classified into the category of more than N30, so people will think that N49.9 is much lower than N50!

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8. People tend to remember the first thing that happened and the last thing that happened, and the things in between are not clearly remembered, so if you want to introduce yourself or have to choose a job interview date, it is best to be the first or the last.

9. You can chew gum when you are nervous before speaking or taking an exam; and you can also pray #wink

10. What everyone remembers in the end is not what you said, but the feeling you made them feel; make a positive difference in people’s lives!

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