“How can someone who bends down to urinate rule us that stand to urinate?” Male students of Fed Poly Nekede object as a woman contests for SUG President.

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Male students of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, are throwing a fit because a woman is contesting to be the next SUG President.


Obi Vivian Ifunanyachukwu’s campaign poster was shared on the school’s Facebook group and some male students commented, saying it’s not right for women to lead where there are men.

“Am never in support of a woman leading where there are men irrespective of the qualifications, ” one Facebook user said.

Another wrote: “How can someone that is bending down to urinate come and rule or control me that is standing to urinate brother man check am hw u see am e no go make sense (sic)”

BTW, can someone please remind me that we’re still in the 21st century…?

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