Genesis 1 gives us a picture of God as the creator of the Heavens and the Earth. It goes further to tell us that just by the word of his mouth everything that was made, was made and was perfect.

Genesis 19 on the other hand gives us a picture of God destroying an entire city that he made.
Now take note, that these are two pictures of God, as much as he is a loving father, he is also a consuming fire, We have two people, with the first having the Genesis 1 picture, the second is having the Genesis 19 picture, therefore they look at God differently.

The image we have of God is entirely different from the image we have of men. Your image of man is created by what he gives you and not how he has been, that’s why there are a whole lot of people in toxic relationships, not cause they are afraid to leave, but because they are getting something aside from the rash behavior. The image you create of God is dependent on how he has been to you, not what he gives you.

Let’s take this scenario. There is a Christian Woman and there is a Hustler. This hustler is not a Christian, but he has been hearing about God for some time from a particular woman and he likes the part where she says ” The Bible says we should ask and it shall be given unto us” so he holds unto that part real tight. One day, his landlord comes and threatens that he will send him out of the house if he doesn’t pay his rent. Terrified as he is, he remembers that particular thing the preacher always says, he loves it so much that he knows the chapter and verse in the Bible, so he goes on his knee and he talks to God out of frustration, he vents all his anger, he just pours it all to God and he reminds God of his word that says ” Ask and it shall be given unto you”. To cut the long story short on that same fateful day, he gets a call from his long-time friend, and they got talking and he got enough money to pay his rent.

On the other hand, we have the Christian Woman, who has lived all her life in the church, doing good, serving God, but she has no husband, but then she does the same thing that hustler did but it looked like there was no response from God.

I just have two questions for you reading
1) Who is going to have a beautiful image of God between these two people and who is going to have a different image of God?
2) What do you think the woman did wrong? cause according to the story they both did the same thing.

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