How Do You See God (2)

If you haven’t checked out the previous post, you won’t have an idea of what this is about.

Let me start by answering the questions from the previous post.
1) The lady from the church is going to have a beautiful image of God, even though she didn’t get what she asked from God. She has come to an understanding that God’s time is the best and that if he could answer Sarah and many others in the Bible, who had a similar case as her, then he would do the same for her.

The hustler, on the other hand, got what he wanted through a friend, He is most likely to forget, that the money he got, was as a result of the prayer he said. For people like this, it will take a breakthrough or a personal encounter with God for them to believe he is real and to see him differently.

2) As I said, they both did the same thing, so she didn’t do anything wrong.
You would agree with me that a lot of times you’ve prayed for things you but it felt like God didn’t answer you, and as a result of that you look at him differently.
I’ve been here, so it’s something I can relate to, but let me tell you a lot of things that still kept me believing
1) God’s time is the best
2) Whenever you ask God for something, if you get it that’s God’s direction, and if you don’t that’s God’s protection.
3) Realizing that if he did for people with worst cases than mine, then I have nothing to worry about.

Always keep this in mind, Good things take time, all you need do is keep believing

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