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How to Avoid Spending Excessively This Christmas Season


Don’t you just love Christmas? Christmas is such a beautiful season, ironically, it is also the season your finances can get pretty ugly. Hehehe, I love oxymorons. 

Truly, while you bask in the bliss of all that comes with Christmas, your finances badly bleed. To prevent pouting over your finances in January make sure you keep reading. Every wise individual must learn how to avoid spending excessively this Christmas season.

The beautiful season of Christmas is marked by giving, showing love, spending quality time with your family, unwinding and having a great time. While everything that marks Christmas is fascinating, they are also money draining. Indeed, as humans, we were not fashioned to eat our cake and have it.

What can the Christmas season be compared to? I feel this beautiful season is like an illicit drug. It takes you very high only to drop you feeling low. So low that January feels like an entire year before payday.

If you always end up broke in January, after working so hard the previous year, then you just stumbled on your salvation. This article will tutor you on how to survive Christmas without spending excessively. Fasten your seat belt and get ready to be saved from your addiction.

How to Spend Moderately this Christmas Season

Here are four tips that will enable you to spend moderately this season.

Remember the Reason for the Season

Christmas is celebrated to mark the birth of Christ, therefore why are you having a detty December? Why are you paying exuberant fees to attend circular concerts in a season that marks the birth of Christ? Make it make sense.

Rather than paying hefty fees at concerts, go for church carols. They are free and they often share free food and drinks. You get to worship Christ (the reason for the season), fill your soul with wonderful melodies and fill your stomach. A 3 in one package that will cost you nothing. Honestly, carols are fun and they make a good date setting. 

Listen, if your boo and friends try to pressure you into paying for concert tickets, remind them the reason for the season and stick to carols. Protect your pocket, don’t let these entertainers drain you. Everyone is just hosting concerts everywhere. I repeat, protect your pockets!

Use the Pandemic to Your Advantage

The best way to avoid spending excessively during this period is limiting going outside. It seems there is a spell in the air during the Christmas season that depletes your money the moment you step outside. Stay inside people! Stay at home! Resist the urge to go outside!

Funny enough, there will be multiple pressures to go outside, so how do you resist it? Do I need to remind you of the Omicron virus which is a perfect reason to stay at home? Stay at home and you are saving both your life and your money.

To ice the cake, don’t just tell people you are staying at home to stay safe, get a pack of nose masks and wear it around. This will show people just how serious you are about the virus and want to stay inside.

Finally, upload the daily NCDC figures on your WhatsApp status. This way you spread the much-needed awareness and get people to know you are not one to mingle with this period.

Purchase a Ring-light 

You might be wondering why this is important, you are about to find out.

If you have a partner, especially a female partner, they might push you to exuberant places to have a swell time. Well, having a swell time is fun but it doesn’t leave you with a swollen bank account. Rather, it drains you. Still, it will be unwise to be insensitive to your partner’s needs.

We live in a Tiktok world where people love to join challenges and make cool videos. Purchase a ring light and create a corner your girl can do all that, it will limit her pressure of wanting to go out. Offer to join her and you both will spend the holidays creating cool videos. This is beneficial for three (3) reasons.

  • Data is not very expensive
  • Time flies when you are having fun
  • It enhances bonding

Download Tons of Movies and Subscribe Your Decoder

With movies, sports, and music staying at home will be way more fun. Having the above is important to ensure you have a good Christmas with a budget.

The goal is to spend moderately and not to be a miser. 

Dear reader, if you adhere to this advice you will not spend excessively this Christmas season. 

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