How To Be A Better Woman

Have you noticed something about we women, we are an amazing set of people, we are loving, we are caring, we are supportive, we can be complicated but trust me when I say we are problem solvers.

A lot of things have been said about Women, we’ve been classified as the other gender. A lot of people have termed “Women” as the problem in the world but is that really true because I can start mentioning Iconic women and that list will be endless.

You forget that whatever you give a woman she multiplies. You give her a sperm she gives you a baby. You give her a house, she gives you a home, you give her raw food she gives you a meal. She is a precious jewel that should be valued but one thing I agree with the male gender is that we women bring our fellow women down, which is very wrong of us.

I have legit seen this happen. A group of girls were seated and they were talking about a particular girl they refer to as a friend in a very bad way, giving many reasons why they hate her. I’m not going to say guys don’t talk about their fellow guys, but they say it to their face, they don’t do that back-bite shit.

At this time in our lives, we ladies should be able to support, love, compliment each other. That doesn’t make us weak or vulnerable. It just makes us better women.Just because your fellow woman is doing the same thing you are doing, doesn’t mean you are in competition with her, help each other, grow together.

A lot of people have lost jobs, opportunities just because their fellow women bad-mouthed them in front of others. A friend trusted you so much to talk about the issues she’s facing in her relationship or marriage and you go about telling everybody you know, what she told you and giving everyone this bad image of her. Some girls even talk badly and body shame their fellow girls that their guy-friends like, and then they are like ” I’m just trying to save you, that girl is this and that, she’s not good for you” Let him figure that out himself, darling.

A lot of guys have complained about this, so ladies let’s put this into action, let’s stop badmouthing, body-shaming instead let’s compliment, love, care, support each other cause at the end of the day that’s what matters.

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So ladies look here, we should understand that the best way we can be better women is by supporting and standing up for our fellow women.

Ladies if you agree with this post drop a comment and kindly share..for the Guys reading, I got something real quick I want you to do. Make use of the comment section below by writing one question concerning the female gender you’ve been wanting to ask, and if I get over 7 comments. I’ll write a post on that, answering your questions.

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