This must be one of the many things you think of. As a child in kindergarten and preschool, it might not have mattered much but in primary school and high school, it should’ve rung a bell severally. Why do I always feel like I’m just part of the class but I am not a member? Why can’t I be noticed? Why can’t people the vibe boldly write all over me? You always feel left out because you think everybody thinks you’re boring. In this post, I’m going to be giving you steps to bring you out and make you known. Steps to make you cool but not only cool but also super popular in school.

  1. Step out of your comfort zone: Talk to everybody both younger and older than you. Be friends with everybody. That’s the number one step in becoming popular. Meeting new people makes them get to know u better and you have a better chance of getting popular.
  2. Fix that drip: Yes, how you dress counts. If you want to be noticed and get popular, you have to create a good impression wherever you find yourself; wherever you go. Make sure you start dressing well even if it is to the smallest hangout, make sure your clothes are over the top and on point.
  3. Be current: Make sure you are familiar with everything going on both within and outside the country so you can relate to everything anyone says. It could be sports, news, entertainment news, dance, songs, celebrity gossip, etc.
  4. Have a particular talent: You stand out at something. What is it? Do it often so that everyone can know you with it. When they think of you, they think of that thing cause it makes you stand out.

You can be popular too if you want, It’s just in the mindset and put these 4 steps into action and thank me later.

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