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How to Create attractive Instagram Videos in 2022


Instagram boasts of over 400 million users who are into sharing 80 million posts on a regular basis. These statistics prove that it is one of the most compelling platforms for advertisers. Other platforms literally struggle with issues over privacy and data.

Ads on this platform help in driving brand awareness, and that’s for sure, considering the highly engaged audience Instagram has. Again, it offers several options in the ad category like carousel ads and photo ads, along with video ads.

Going for Instagram videos will be the right medium for businesses to market their products and services, considering that videos are hot right now. The best thing about Instagram videos is they can be anywhere between 60 seconds and 3 minutes.

They can directly be uploaded from a phone. This offers great flexibility when it comes to using the content for enhancing your business’s Instagram marketing plan. These videos are becoming increasingly popular among business professionals because they give brands an appealing and easy way of marketing and showcasing their products.


But how do you go about creating attractive Instagram videos this 2022? The answer lies in the tips provided below:

Define Your Objectives on Instagram

All the different social media channels serve as highly effective marketing tools. However, it will be difficult for you to use them properly if you do not define your main objectives. You know, Instagram marketing is a broad term.

The first thing you must do is be clear on the goals you are looking to achieve while marketing your business on the platform. Are you looking to improve brand awareness or sell your products and services?

Do you want new leads, or do you simply want to create a good online presence for the business? Answering these questions will help you in defining your goals, and it will get easier for you to frame a marketing campaign that assists you in achieving your goals instantly.

And yes, you can even use Instagram analytics tools for analyzing the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing campaign!

Remember: The First Few Seconds of Your Video Count

The users on Instagram and even on other social networking sites like Facebook are in the habit of scrolling through their feeds quite fast. Therefore, it becomes necessary for businesses to make compelling videos with the power to stop Instagram users from scrolling through.


This brings us to the point where business professionals and marketers need to understand that the first few seconds of their marketing videos do count a lot. These few seconds are crucial because it is during this time that the viewers will either decide to view the remaining part of the video or move on to some other content.

Do not be too arty and go for slow openers. It’s a complete No, No. you do not have much time to capture the audience’s attention. Hence, you must create something bright and something that moves the viewers immediately.

For proper moves from the viewers, you need to go for videos with sufficient movement in the first few seconds.


Create the Catchiest Captions

A tongue twister, is it? Create the catchiest captions- well, it is easy for marketers to have this in mind. Considering that Instagram is a completely visual platform, it is not necessary to have a complete focus on images and videos only. The text also matters, and you can get going with the right kind of text by adding proper captions to your videos.

The right captions will serve as the voice of your brand, and therefore you need to use them on a regular basis. Avoid writing lengthy posts as they might have the viewers lose attention. Instead, try mixing the different varieties together.

You can go for jokes, quick quips, and then long storytelling someday. It is completely upon you to decide on the type of captions you would like to accompany your videos. Just pay attention to the fact that your target audience is not overloaded with information.

And yes, your captions should not have too complex terms. It should be engaging and interesting. On average, users on Instagram spend just two seconds deciding whether they would like to go through a post or not.

In this situation, your main objective should be to make the first two lines attractive and provocative. On the whole, make sure the caption you are going for is relevant, on-brand, and informative.

Make Sure Your Videos Isn’t Too Salesy

Ensuring your video isn’t too salesy means you must make sure that it does not look like an advertisement in any circumstances. The videos you are making for Instagram should blend in naturally into the feeds, so it offers the right kind of reception to the viewers.

The viewers generally reject videos that are overly self-promotional because they do not find anything relevant to them in such videos. When the viewers scroll through their Instagram feeds, you must capture their attention by posting content that brings them value.

Video Lighting: Pay Attention to This Important Factor

It is always a good idea to use an online video maker like InVideo to create attractive Instagram videos. That’s recommended because, with a video maker handy, you would not have to worry about the lighting conditions, the setting, the filters, and the effects your video should have.

Nevertheless, even if you have an online video-making tool, make sure to pay attention to the lighting because it is the most important factor governing the quality of your video. The best is to go for natural lighting while keeping the artificial sources of light right in front, so the video has a clear view.


It is not easy to run a business on Instagram. Many things go into this endeavor, with the foremost and the most important one being creating attractive videos to catch the viewers’ attention. You must be creative enough to frame content that appeals to your target audience without making much effort.

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