How to Drink Without Getting Drunk

 How to Drink Without Getting Drunk
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Everyone that consumes alcohol is most likely going to have one bad experience or another, as regards getting drunk and doing something stupid. 

Stupid things like saying things that shouldn’t be said, throwing up in public, staggering, ending up on a stranger’s bed, revealing a secret, and hurting others; are examples of some of the stupid things people do under the influence of alcohol. These stupid things can cost you your job, and a good name. Drinking to a stupor is a terrible lifestyle that reduces our worth and self-respect. 

Regular alcohol intake has been shown to have a detrimental effect on our health, yet people consume alcohol daily. Some brands of alcohol are very expensive, still, there are more people in the club consuming them as the day progresses.


With how dearly people love alcohol, putting an end to alcohol consumption is utopian. The best that can be done, is to help people drink without getting drunk.

Here are five tips that can keep you from getting drunk when you drink.

Be Discipline About Your Limit

Everyone has their limit. Some persons are more light-headed than others. If your capability is just two bottles, stick to just two bottles. It doesn’t matter who is paying for the drinks, or how many bottles others are consuming, don’t exceed your limit.

Honestly, the people you are trying to impress with your faux alcohol skills, are the ones that would still video you display stupidity in your drunken state and post it on social media.  Never exceed your limit. Don’t be on the news for such a negative reason. It could cost you your reputation. 

Eat Before You Drink

Drinking on an empty stomach is the fastest way to get drunk. Before you go out to drink, ensure you have eaten.

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Frankly, it is wise to eat while drinking. Food and fruits are a source of potassium which aids in stabilizing electrolytes, thereby reducing the effect of alcohol on the body.

Avocado, Bananas, potatoes, and lots more should be taken before and during the consumption of alcohol.

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Drink Water while Consuming Alcohol 

This might sound off, but drinking lots of water when consuming alcohol slows down the effect of alcohol in your body system and can prevent you from getting drunk.

Staying hydrated while drinking is a tip that will keep you from getting drunk. If you can’t drink water while drinking, take water-filled fruits like watermelon and cucumber when drinking.

Never Rush Your Drinks

This is a very important tip. Frankly, if someone aims at getting you drunk, ensuring you rush up your drinks will do the trick.

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In drinking, slow and steady is key. Sip your drinks. Don’t gulp it down at a go.

Also, avoid taking shots, or engaging in shots gulping competitions. Shots are hurriedly consumed, and they increase the chances of getting drunk.

Don’t Mix Drinks 

Mixing different brands of alcohol can get you high quickly. Not just high, you will wake up the next day with a crazy hangover.

Start with a particular brand and stick to it. Always resist the urge to mix drinks whether for fun or any other reason.

Finally, drinking alcohol is not wrong but drinking excessively is committing self-harm. Being an alcoholic does not just ruin you, it negatively affects the life of your loved ones. They too will have to suffer and share in your shame. Drink responsibly! 

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