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Lifestyle - Relationships - February 8, 2022

How to Get the Perfect Valentine’s Day


Hello lovelies, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is blowing hot in the air. How thrilling! Can you feel the magic?

I woke up this morning and the air felt fresher. My cup of coffee was certainly more refreshing and my dry cereal felt like yummy cupcakes. Ohh! The sound of the alarm clock felt like sweet music to my ears and I was ready to bust some moves but the thought of Lagos traffic wouldn’t let a girl be great.

Anyways, my heart is racing so fast it could battle track stars in the Winter Olympics. Truly, eagerly awaiting Valentine’s Day is a fascinating feeling! However, the tables could easily turn if the day doesn’t match your expectations and hype.

Therefore, to avoid moving from cloud 9 into being a sub-zero here is a very thoughtful piece for your consumption. 


Getting the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Map Out How You Want to Spend the Day

Knowing exactly how you want to spend the day without leaving it to chance, is the first step to having a great celebration. Remember, planning is key.

Get a jotter and jot down the amazing things you would want to experience on February 14. Realistically decide on where you would want to be, what you would enjoy eating, who you would love to be with and how you want to spend the day.

If you have chosen a date for the day, ensure you both are on the same page. Make sure you are your val’s val. 

Discuss with Your Partner

Dear reader, if you are in a relationship, be open about how you want to spend that special day. Nothing is more disappointing than keeping mute while amassing a castle of expectations in your head and not getting them met.

Kindly, be vocal about your wants. You might not talk about the gifts you desire, but voice out how you would love to spend the day. Do you want to see a movie, go skateboarding, swim, or even go camping? Whatever you want to do, mention it to your partner and you both can decide. 

Give a Hint of the Types of Gifts You Detest

I think it is too forward to tell people what to give you as a gift. Nevertheless, receiving and unwrapping a gift you loathe is heart-wrenching. 


Therefore, be vocal about the gifts you dislike and hint your partner about such gifts.

Avoid Comparison

To have a beautiful celebration you must not compare what you have going on with that of others. Enjoy your day without pressuring yourself over what you saw on the internet or what your friends received.

Concentrate on your reality and have a day marked by smiles, laughter, good food, happiness and love.


Finally, be realistic in your expectations and don’t make choices you would regret when the day takes a bow.

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