In the previous post, the system of black tax was explained as a tradition common among black people, where individuals are bestowed with the responsibility of taking care of the needs of their parents, siblings, and even members of their extended family. Therefore, when budgeting, they are expected to budget for the needs of others.

The effects of this black tax system that has had serious financial implications in the lives of many, were detailedly discussed in the previous post. As promised, this piece will be providing practical ways of handling black taxes.

Tips on How to Limit the Effects of Black Tax

If unbridled, black taxation can be a bane. A factor that can lead to financial destruction and impede growth. Black tax is parasitic if left uncontrolled, thus, this piece will prove to be helpful for anyone being black taxed.

Set Boundaries 

If you give people an inch they will take a mile. You could offer them the earth, and they will still request for the heavens. It is impossible to satisfy the needs of others, know this and know peace! 

With the above in mind, set boundaries. Help, but don’t become helpless in the process. Scriptures say, “God loves a cheerful giver,” so the moment giving begins to sap your joy and dim your happiness, and peace, then you are crossing your limits. Family problems are inexhaustible, set boundaries.

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Stick to Your Budget

Create a monthly budget and follow it religiously. Budget for your black tax and your personal needs. Ensure your black tax does not exceed your planned amount and begin to creep into money meant for other things.

Failure to do the above can lead to you working for years with nothing to show for it. You are as important as those you care for. Your needs are equally important. You are a priority. Go for that course, build that house and live your dreams. Nevertheless, be considerate and ensure you are not wasting funds when they can be used to help others.

Never Exaggerate Your Financial Status

In a bid to impress, people place themselves on a false pedestal and they are viewed differently from what they are. When you pretend to be a boss to your family, they will have mighty expectations from you. Since you are living a fake life, you will be unable to smoothly meet up to the expectations. This will put you under unhealthy pressure.  

Honesty pays, so be truthful about your status. That way, people can know your assistance capacity.

Be Firm

People pleaser should never be one of your qualities. Be kind but firm. When necessary say NO, and stand by it unwavering. Don’t allow the desire to be loved and seen as good by your family members to push you into debt.

As much as it is good to care for others, it is even more important to care for yourself, because in the end, no one will be there for you more than your very own self.

Finally, selfishness is a vice, but self-sacrificing is rarely the better option. Apply the golden mean and never be at the end of two extremes.

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