In this voyage called life, there are infinite issues to mull over daily. So we often get lost in a web of thoughts, and like nomads wander in our thoughts both far and near. Still, somehow, we fail to think about what is most important and most impactful. We don’t even realize its importance just as we don’t see the beauty of the rain until it is drought. Or fail to appreciate the simplicity of breathing daily until we are short of breath.

We ponder immensely on things outside of us and neglect the importance of spending quality time thinking about ourselves, especially in a positive light. Most people realize the beauty of self-reflection when they are close to the grave, no wonder it sometimes feels like wisdom is barely used to its full potential, since it is mostly invested in the old, after years of accumulating experience and learning from youthful mistakes.

Honestly, when was the last time you spent hours pondering on your journey through life and gave yourself the deserved accolades? When last did you give yourself a treat and made a toast to your little wins? They say if you love something you will spend time with it. So when was the last time you had a “Me time?” That’s spending quality time with yourself. How often do you stare at the mirror and smile at your reflection and shower yourself with compliments? How often do you say to yourself, “I am beautiful, a rare gem perfected by flaws.”

They say we spend most of our time in our heads and as such should make it beautiful. What is more beautiful than basking in beautiful thoughts of yourself? Life is like the sea, though beautiful it is cursed with storms, therefore you need to be firm if you must sail through successfully. Viewing yourself in a positive light will give you that gallant structure needed to succeed, so invest in it.

Spending more time bustling and hustling without unwinding in good thoughts of ourselves is a contemporary issue that is being overlooked, and has led to mental problems. Most times when we reflect on ourselves, we do note our errors and make corrections. Though that is worthwhile, celebrating and reflecting on our wins and viewing ourselves from a positive perspective is needed to maintain the balance.

Today is tagged “Thinking Tuesday” and of all the zillions of thoughts you can ponder on, thinking of “Yourself” is the most important.

Therefore, spend today in lovely thoughts of your beautiful self, it is an investment that will pay the highest interest.

P.S. If there is a special someone that makes you feel special about yourself include them in your thoughts today. Today is all about having thoughts that make your eyes sparkle so beautifully the stars get envious.

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