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Career Tips - November 17, 2021

How To Maintain A Good Workplace Relationship


The staff of any productive workplace is a family bonded by their objectives and the zeal to accomplish the institution’s goals. To soar above these goals they must maintain a good workplace relationship. 

Having a good workplace relationship entails that everyone is cordial and respectful towards one another. This is an utmost necessity because only your competitors win when the family feuds. 

The Importance of a Good Workplace Relationship

No man is an island and being in cordial terms enables people to comfortably work effectively as a team, and share brilliant ideas. Nevertheless, if you feel you are self-sufficient and need no one, I am sorry to burst your bubbles but you still need to maintain a good workplace relationship for your mental well being. 

According to statistics, we spend one-third of our lives at our workplace. If you have a regular 9-5 job, you likely spend most of your active hours at work. Your colleagues are most likely the people you see the most. Hence, it is necessary to sustain a good workplace relationship. If otherwise is the case, work will be a living nightmare.


Do you know that a toxic workplace is one of the causes of long term stress? And long-term stress can lead to illness and eventually death? Furthermore, working in an environment without cordial relationships is the perfect recipe for an unhappy life. Such a place will make you cranky, miserable and grumpy. 

Accordingly, for the sake of productivity and your mental well being, you should uphold a good workplace relationship.

Ways to Maintain a Good Workplace Relationship  

Do Not Be Oversensitive/Insensitive

Being oversensitive at your workplace will make you read meaning to every gesture and utterance. If you are oversensitive you are likely to make a mountain out of a molehill. Fussing over every little thing will strain your relationship with people. It is a workplace, and not a daycare. No one is there to tend to your unchecked emotions. 

Also, resist the urge to be insensitive. Show empathy towards others and sheath your blunt way of stating your opinions. Be kind with your words and gestures. Respect people’s beliefs and boundaries. Avoid taunting people, such acts are meant for bullies.

Criticise Constructively

Constructive criticism is vital. Note that how a thing is said, is as important as what was said. Dishing criticism is okay, but it is wrong to do so without regard for the feelings of others.

For instance, as opposed to saying, 


“This is a poorly written report. Whoever wrote this needs to return to school because he/she knows nothing!” You can say, 

“This report can be improved upon the content is insufficient. I encourage those involved in report making to take relevant courses. As staff members, there is a need for constant self-development.”

Accept Constructive Criticism

Without criticism, there might be no change, and without change, there will be no growth. Constructive criticism should never be taken personally. It should be embraced and viewed as a means to get better.


Do Not Gossip

Engaging in gossips is awful. One twisted thing about gossip is that the party being gossipped end up finding out. 

Gossip is a source of friction at workplaces. Learn to mind your business and keep your youcolleagues”s names out of your mouth. If you are displeased with someone, talk to them directing. Avoid gossiping and you will be able to strike a cordial relationship with your colleagues.

Express Your Displeasure and Forgive Easily

To err is human and at a workplace, people will sometimes step on each other’s feet. Accordingly, it is crucial to express your displeasure. However, express yourself in a calm tone. Emotional intelligence must always come to play in your doings.

Furthermore, forgive easily. Throwing tantrums over everything and holding grudges will affect interpersonal relationships. 

Communicate With Clarity Using a Calm Tone

Always communicate information with clarity to limit misinterpretation. Misinterpretation of information can lead to mistakes and blame games. Such scenarios strain workplace relationships.

Moreover, your tone in communication matters. Avoid shouting and cussing. 

Participate Actively During Team Work

Nobody likes passive team members and will avert working with such people. Getting blacklisted due to your poor attitude towards teamwork will create friction between you and your co-workers. Ensure to contribute your quota in every task. Never be a weak link. Stay active and reliable. 

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a good relationship at your workplace is healthy and will foster productivity. Remember, only your competitors win when you fight. 

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