“I want Nigeria to be counted among countries that do not tolerate but fight corruption”—President Buhari.

Buhari stated that he wants Nigeria to be a country with no tolerance or corruption

President Buhari has stated that his desire is to make Nigeria a country that has no tolerance for corruption, one where the menace is aggressively battled.

President Buhari said this while receiving the report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry on the investigation of Ibrahim Magu, Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) at the State House on November 20.

“Corruption is present in all countries. Some governments treat it with levity (You got that right). Some fight it all the time. I want Nigeria to be counted among those countries that do not tolerate but fight kwarupshin.” President Buhari said.

In order to protect Nigeria’s political and economic systems, and the continuous existence of the Nigerian state from the serious threat of corruption, the President called on all “stakeholders”, and indeed every Nigerian to own the fight against corruption at their respective levels.

Pledging that the fight against corruption is one that must be fought without without fear or favour, President Buhari thanked thanked members of the Commission for their dedication to the fight against corruption.

“The sad reality confronting us as a people is that there’s corruption almost everywhere; at many levels of government, and every stratum of our society. Mindful of the threat that corruption poses to us as a nation, this administration has specifically focused on the fight against corruption.

“As a government, and in furtherance of our anti-corruption programme, we have since inception engaged in many reforms in removing corruption including but not limited to the enforcement of Treasury Single Account (TSA), strict implementation of the Bank Verification Number Policy and signing unto the Open Government Partnership. A lot of efforts have gone into building and development of our anti-corruption institutions…”


Okay… Because I already feel sleepy, imma go to the end of this speech—for your mental health and mine.

“Let it be known that in the fight against corruption, no one is too big to tackle, as no individual is bigger than the Nigerian state!” (Yawns…) President Buhari said.

Anyways, Justice Salami, the Chairman of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry thanked President Buhari for giving the commission members a wonderful opportunity to serve the nation.

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