Newly appointed World Trade Organization Director General, Okonjo Iweala has revealed how she felt when America’s former presidency administration led by Donald Trump stood against her appointment as WTO DG.

The former Nigerian prime minister, said that she was suprised when Trump’s administration rejected her appointment as WTO DG

Iweala revealed that she had infact had two interviews with US government which went well, and there were no signs that they would stand in the way of her appointment.

The New WTO DG said;

“I think I was suprised when that came( refusal from Trump’s administration), because there was no indication that there was any problem with the US.

I had two good interviews with the authorities and with the administration so it was a suprise. But that’s the way life works. When things happen you take them in your stride, and you move on.”

Okonjo Iweala says that she was suprised when Trump administration stood against her appointment as WTO DG.

The newly appointed WTO DG went on to thank America’s new presidency administration led by Joe Biden for approving her appointment.

Iweala said;

“It was absolutely wonderful when the Biden/Harris administration broke that logjam.

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