Ilebaye, a contestant in the BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars edition, has emerged as the winner of the 2023 reality TV show.

The announcement was made by the show’s host, Ebuka, on Sunday, October 1.

BBNaija All Stars Winner Ilebaye ₦120 million
BBNaija All Stars Winner, Ilebaye.

The 22-year-old Ilebaye emerged victoriously, securing the title. Her triumph came at the expense of Mercy Eke, who claimed the second position.

Ilebaye’s victory comes with a substantial grand prize of N120 million, a weekend getaway for two, and an SUV, among other rewards.

Cynthia Nwadiora, more commonly known as CeeC, secured the third position, following closely behind Ilebaye and Mercy Eke.

At 30 years old, CeeC was the runner-up in the third season, of Double Wahala, in 2018.

Adekunle Olopade, aged 28, was revealed as the third runner-up by host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on that fateful Sunday.

Pere Egbi, 38, and Cross Okonkwo, 33, were recognized as the fourth and fifth runners-up, respectively.

Earlier in the day, during her diary session, Ilebaye had shared her plans if she were to win the show and its grand prize.

She expressed that her initial reaction would be the alleviation of all her worries. Winning, to her, signified a testament to the fact that God hears and fulfils her heart’s desires.

The mere thought of having such a significant amount of money left Ilebaye surprised.

Biggie, the show’s organizer, kindly pointed out that having that amount would undoubtedly make her the youngest multimillionaire in her family.

Before her victory in this season, Ilebaye had experienced eviction weeks before the finale in her previous season.

Nonetheless, in the 2023 All-Stars edition, out of the six finalists, Ilebaye stood out as the sole individual who had never reached the finals before.

Out of the initial 24 contestants who embarked on this journey, the competition eventually narrowed down to just six finalists.

The ultimate victor, Ilebaye, walked away with the grand prize of a staggering ₦120 million.

Days before the grand finale, the six finalists for the Big Brother Naija All Stars were confirmed.

Venita, Soma, and Angel had bidden an emotional farewell during the Sunday live eviction show.

These six housemates navigated the twists and turns of this thrilling season, which featured 20 housemates and 4 house guests.

Each finalist brought a unique aspect to the competition, enhancing the intrigue of their journey.


BBNaija All Stars Evicted
BBNaija Star, Cross.

In a game where every move counts, Cross exhibited that minding one’s business can be a winning strategy.

He secured his spot in the final by purchasing the ultimate immunity with Moniepoint Coins, the house’s legal tender, from fellow housemates.


BBNaija All Stars Evicted Pere
BBNaija Star, Pere.

If there is one housemate who stirred up the most chaos and controversy this season, it is Pere, aptly nicknamed “The General.”

His clashes with Alex, Ilebaye, Adekunle, and other housemates created unforgettable moments.

Pere earned a spot in the final by surviving the recent eviction, surpassing strong contenders like Venita and Angel.


Second Runner-up BBNaija All Stars Evicted
BBNaija Star, CeeC

Cee-C, once known for her controversial clashes in Big Brother Double Wahala season, displayed a less contentious side in the All-Stars edition.

Cee-C discovered the final envelope, which contained immunity, securing her spot as a finalist.


Adekunle Evicted BBNaija All Stars
BBNaija Star, Adekunle.

Adekunle has proven to be a formidable contender, not only with his undeniable charm but also with his intelligence.

Adekunle made it to the final after surviving the last eviction, which saw his love interest Venita, as well as the couple Soma and Angel, leave the competition.

Mercy Eke

Mercy Eke BBNaija All Stars
Mercy Eke

‘The Queen of Highlights’ and winner of Season 4, the ‘Pepperdem’ edition, made a surprising return to the show and secured a spot in the final once again.

Mercy Eke secured a spot in the finale by avoiding nomination last week.


BBNaija All Stars Winner Ilebaye ₦120 million
BBNaija All Stars Winner, Ilebaye.

Ilebaye, often described as the ‘Gen-Z baddie,’ has managed to capture the hearts of many viewers.

Ilebaye secured her place in the finals by winning the Head of House game.

Just 7 days after, Ilebaye emerged as the winner and walked away with a whopping N120 million as the BBNaija All-Stars Season 8 winner.


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