Blood Sisters was not just an interesting series to view for pleasure. The series was packed with vital life lessons. These lessons are worth noting as there is a lot to learn from them.

Here are lessons applicable to reality drawn from the sensational series.

Lesson 1

You don’t tell an abusive partner you are leaving them. Wrong move! You ensure you are far from their reach before informing them that you are done. 

If Sarah had done this a lot would have been avoided. Sadly, in real life, people make this costly mistake. Don’t be that person!

Lesson 2

“He who pays the piper calls the tune” Never make your partner the messiah of your family. When your family depends on your partner it becomes a shackle on your freedom to leave. The more dependent you are on a person, the more control they have over you. This is a rule I have lived by and I will forever stick to it. 

It was obvious Kola was heavily funding Sarah’s family, hence her mother’s response when she informed her she wanted to leave him. A lot of people are stuck in toxic relationships because if they dare to break free, their lifestyle and the finances of their family will suffer tremendously.

Lesson 3

Installing CCTV cameras is not enough, there should be people monitoring the screens 24/7. If the hotel’s CCTV cameras had been monitored, they would have noticed Kemi and Sarah moving the body into the trunk of the car and would have immediately informed security. Unfortunately, in reality, this is an actual problem. 

Lesson 4

Over-thinking leads to errors. The Chicago officer cracked the case but overthinking led him astray.  Before watching the series, I read a handful of tweets asking who killed Kola. I assumed his death was complicated, only to find out it was a straightforward scene. Kemi killed Kola. It was not a complicated death. Blade was innocent of that particular murder. The Chicago officer would have focused on arresting the girls and then questioning them about their motive for killing Kola. Afterwards, he can investigate if their claims were true. That would have been better. By all means, avoid overthinking.

Lesson 5

Excessive love for your child/children can become their bane. Kola was spoiled rotten by his mom. Hence, his messed up mentality. He felt like a demi-god that could hurt women for his gratification and get away with it. Mrs Uduak ruined Kola with her toxic love.

Lesson 6

Appearance is deceiving. In appearance,  Kemi is a fine soft babe but there is nothing soft about that babe. The things she did without blinking an eye were outrageous. The way she simply took Kenny’s keys and drove off after his death was somehow abeg. Indeed, women are not as soft and innocent as the world portrays them to be.

Lesson 7

Don’t be a Kenny! After being told of his death, Sarah cried for a few minutes and moved on. Before they were caught, she and Kemi were eating and smiling at Kemi’s grandmother’s house. Whereas, poor Kenny was forever gone. His family has lost a son. In life, place people at the level, they placed you. Imagine dying because of a girl that chose another man over you. Tufia!

Lesson 8

Friends like Kemi>>>>>>>>>>>friends like Akin. During the engagement when Kola was nowhere to be found, I was bemused that Akin could not even think of going to search Sarah’s room (which was the last place his friend went to before becoming MIA) to look for his friend. A good friend would have gone there and searched everywhere (the bedroom, bathroom, toilet, under the rug, under the bed, wardrobe etc) out of curiosity. 

I am sure if Sarah had gone missing Kemi would have done the aforementioned.

Lesson 9

Be competent. If Femi was competent, he would not have to attempt murdering his brother before he could shine. Have a spirit of excellence.

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