Fashion entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji-Kanu has reacted to the recent trend of men collecting the gifts they gave to their girlfriends after their relationships fall apart.

In recent times, videos of men collecting their gifts from their lovers have been shared online. Just recently, a South African man demolished the house he built for his girlfriend after they broke up.

In a video shared online, Laura opined that it is right for women to collect gifts from men. Proferring a solution to women on how they can keep the gifts even after a breakup, Laura said,

”I feel like it is our right as women to collect gifts. From our husbands and our boyfriends, it our right to collect these gifts.  


Now these days that these guys are beginning to collect their gifts back, we need to do something about it. There must be an emergency meeting. We need to do something about it.

My opinion is before you get gifts from these guys, your boyfriend of that moment, I think you should get a pen and paper and get a lawyer because you gat to sign and tell him this gift is mine forever.

Anything you give me is mine forever regardless of what happened so that these guys will not come and be embarrassing us and disgracing us outside. You gat to sign. If you buy me a car, sign. If you buy me a house, sign so you wouldn’t come and break my house one day”.

Alternatively, is it just me or is it that men who go back to collect their gifts after breakup are insecure and childish? Maybe it’s because I’ve not built a house for any female sha. Hehehe…

You know how we do it swiI’d love to hear your views…!

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