Popular social media influencer, Papaya’s Ex became a year older on January 9th. The social media went all out for birthday as she hostea lavish birthday party at Lekki.

Her birthday was filled with many of her friends and other popular celebrities including controversial cross dresser, James Brown.

James Brown who made an entrance to the party with an entourage of herbalists, wore a breathtaking red dress and carried a white umbrella.

The crossdresser later came out on his social media handle to announce to his followers that his red dress cost 5 million naira.

He also added that the dress was a gift form his date who wanted him to attend the birthday party looking glam.

According to him, he did not spray money on the celebrant because his date advices him to spend his money to look glam for the birthday party.

He Said;

“Do you know that gown cost 5million? O got that gown for 5million and funny enough, it was a gift. It was my date that told me that, James you need to go to this party looking nice, looking glam.

While addressing why he didn’t spray money, he said;

Why spraying more, why carrying money to go and be showing off when you can show off your craft, your beauty, what God has given you?”.

Watch the video below;

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