A Facebook user identified as Cyn Symoné shared her experience through a Facebook post with her followers recently.

According to her she had to rebook her flight after she missed her flight which was headed to Los Angeles, US.

Cyn said that while waiting for her baggage, she headed to the airport bathroom where she saw something shocking.

She disclosed that while she was fixing her makeup,she heard a woman crying so hard inside the bathroom.

The woman crying in the bathroom was wailing and speaking in Spanish at the same time.

Cyn said she didn’t know how to approach the woman at first, as she walked in and out of the bathroom 4 times before summoning the courage to ask her what happened to her.

According to Cyn, the woman told her that she has been sleeping on the airport bathroom floor with her kids and prayed for God to help her out.

Touched by the woman’s pain, Cyn took the woman and kids in her car and paid for an hotel room for them to reside in.

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