Lagos BBL Doctor Anu Adepoju Convicted Over 2020 Failed Plastic Surgery That Claimed Patient’s Life

Dr Anu Adepoju’s conviction by the Lagos Federal High Court has sparked jubilation on social media.

The renowned BBL doctor, who is the owner of MedContour, has faced severe criticism on social media for a series of unsuccessful surgeries.

Tragically, in 2020, a patient named Miss Nneka Onwuzuligbo lost her life after undergoing a procedure performed by Dr Anu.

Despite numerous pleas to cease her practice, she persisted and even opened another branch in Abuja to continue her operations.

The verdict was announced by the lawyer, @TundeIrukera, who collaborated with the prosecuting counsel.

They have tirelessly worked towards achieving justice and putting an end to her practice.

In his words;

“Today is a day of pride for me that I personally prosecuted Anu Adepoju & her medical practice. Though I’ve left, the case has ended in a conviction strengthening the accountability framework for all in society, professionals of otherwise. This is how society should work & grow.

Dr. Anu Adepoju & her medical practice convicted in all 5 counts charged by FCCPC.The wheel of justice may grind slow, but we must see it through. What we need are enforced with audacity & will to prosecute competently & diligently. Good day for consumers of professional services”

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