Lekki Shooting: Retired Military Officer Explains Why CNN Report Is Biased

A retired military intelligence officer, Col Ola Majoyeogbe has criticised recent reports about the Lekki shooting during the EndSARS protest made by Cable News Network (CNN).

According to Col. Majoyeogbe, the claims made by some people in the video shared by CNN were scandalous and biased.

The Nation reports that Majoyeogbe told the judicial panel that there were conflicting accounts from some people interviewed by CNN( Cable News Network).

Majoyeogbe said that he was not comfortable with the figure of 78 people who allegedly died in the protest. In his opinion, a combat that killed over 78 people would not have been quelling a protest.

He said, “As a retired military man, I was not comfortable with the figure earlier brought out because a combat that caused the death of 78 lives would not have been quelling a protest.

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“In the CNN video, a man claimed to have been shot and the bullet entered through a part of his body and came through another part. If he was indeed shot that way, he would not be alive to tell the story.

“The video is biased and it shows that those sent to do the story had made up their minds before going,” he said

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According to the retired colonel, those who claimed that many people died during the shootings are yet to bring dead bodies or provide information of where the dead bodies are kept.

Colonel Ola Majoyeogbe

Colonel Majoyeogbe further added that all the videos going viral on the internet, show that the military were shooting into the air, and that while he does not dispute any loss of lives, he is yet to see the angle where people were indiscriminately shot at close range.

Do you agree or disagree with the recent reports about October 20 Lekki shooting made CNN? Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below.

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    1. Thanks Gbenga I feel that CNN should have waited for concrete evidence before announcing that 78 people died….haba….

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