A year with so many expectations, but came with tragic of different kinds, despite all the events that took place in the year 2020, you will agree that more lessons have been learned in 2020 than any other year so far. I’ll be sharing with you some of the lessons I’ve learned this year.

What are these lessons?

  • Life and Good Health are two precious gifts that can only be given by God and cannot be bought with money.
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  • Overhyping finished 2020, so in essence, no overhype anything
  • Reason who reason you, and check up on who checks upon you, is the biggest scam.
  • Everyone is fighting is a battle, be nice to people, most especially with your words.
  • Money stops the nonsense
  • Be You. Do You. Love You. cause only when you love yourself can you love others.
  • 2020 taught me what real friendship means.
  • There will always be battles and there will always be blessings, but one thing to know is that it won’t last forever, so if you are in a blessing right now, enjoy it, because there will always be a battle, and if you are in a battle right now, endure it, cause there will always be a blessing.
  • God is the ultimate, and that everything is possible with him.

Whew! What a year, so many lessons to be learned. These are mine, if you think you learned similar, let me know and also, share your lessons from 2020, we will love to see it in the comment section, thank you.


  1. I have really learned that the master planner is God. To do things and engage in activities as best as we can rather than wait for the convenient moment,Cause we don’t know the mind of our creator nor what’s going to happen in few seconds. thumbs up

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