If you happen to be viewing this right now, then you are among the lucky few we have in this world. Yeah, I’m kidding but then you are in the right place.

Let’s get right into this article.

  • If you are talking to someone and you feel the person is giving you partial information, try pausing for a moment and maintain eye contact with the person, this makes the person uncomfortable, and then they spill except the person has coconut head though.
  • You know that feeling you get that someone is stalking you, or is staring at you, If you want to tell if this person is really stalking you or probably Likes you, try yawning and then look at the person, he/she is more likely to yawn in a short while. Now I know what’s on your mind “Yawn really, nothing better” but then what you don’t know is yawning is contagious.
  • Do you feel like every time you talk, it’s very hard for people to agree with what you are saying, that’s so causing you were using the wrong approach. How is this for a change, when talking to people, try nodding and be confident, and see how tables turn.
  • This will probably be the funniest secret on the list. Have you ever been robbed? Whatever your answer may be, you need to see this. If you are robbed on the road, don’t even panic, fear brings about harassment, let him rob you peacefully, in fact, help him rob you, let him know you are aware is the situation of things. Two things are likely to happen, It’s either he robs you and leaves peacefully or he gives you back your things. If you are robbed at home, there is a possibility your house isn’t the first to be robbed. Just do this, Open the door of your house, put off the light, sit down on the floor and start saying rubbish in form of an incantation. If they rob you, tell me why.
  • If you suspect you are not liked by someone, and you want to be sure, ask for a simple favor like “Can you borrow me your pen please?” This is a very simple favor that most people are likely to adhere to, but if such person refuses then, do I need to tell you more

I laughed while writing this, but then no one would share these secrets with you, but I did. I know they say secrets aren’t meant to be shared but then, I feel you need this.

Yea I bet no-one ever told you this.

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