I don’t believe matters of the heart should be complicated. But then, with all the goings-on that’s existed, and still is existing, what is supposed to be straight-forward is obscure and complicated.

Case in point, this viral tweet that has been making the rounds;
“Who noticed that men are no longer persuasive? Once they ask you out and you say NO… Case closed. #InsertsLMAOemoji.

Truthfully, I’m inclined to agree with this. As per, this is the 21st century, no? Gone should be the days that a guy would chase after a girl he’s interested in for 2 years before getting an affirmative (True life story. IKR!) Even you would agree that’s preposterous.

Amean, I like you, uh…you like me. We hit off. Why make me wait? Why play hard to get? Now, before the females bite my head off, I also understand that there’s a place of “dignity” and “self-respect”, or whatever term y’all call it these days. Alright sure. But is it really advisable to make us wait for so long?

Of course, another school of thought would argue that if the guy really likes the girl, he should be able to wait forever (if that’s how long it takes, anyways) till she accepts. Well, there is some logic in that, tbh. I mean, unless you wish to take advantage, you should actually be willing to put in some effort.

On the other hand, when you think about it, the concept of “waiting forever” specifically applies to situations where all other things are equal. We in Nigeria girl! “I dey fight poverty, make I still come dey fight for your love. How many sword I get?” Funny, uh? It’s the reality sis.

We in Nigeria! We students! We be spec! (Okay, that is on a lighter note. #ShinesWhiteTeeth). But y’all have to consider us that stee wanna build houses for our parents tho. Time no dey. If you in, you in. if you out, you out (LMAO). Right guys? (Here I am, fighting for the rights of guys all over Nigeria, and they won’t still comment. Jus lemme cash you.)

Anyways, you still may not agree with all I’ve said here, as they could be the result of seeing too much movies. #Sigh. #ToAllTheBoys. #CharmCityKings. My point is, I wanta hear y’all’s opinions on this matter, guys and gals alike. Just bombard the comments as you like. Don’t worry I won’t mind—I got time.

Ladies, should your No mean No? Or do you want us to chase you?
Guys, are y’all willing to roll with an “hard-to-get” girl? I know you love the challenge. #InsertsKPKSticker.

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  1. Sincerely urs, ladies need to play worth getting but when its becoming more than 1 month, its too much….. U don’t expect d guy to put his emotional life on hold for 3 months for nothing….

    Its better to say yes aldo as much as I wanna be with u, I am not ready, then u both wait together. Leaving a blank answer is wrong and if u do don’t complain when u see him with another lady.

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