We have all heard of the word FEMINISM. This word holds so much weight to many women all over the globe. They wear it with pride as it is boldly written in their bios. A woman who doesn’t associate herself with this movement is judged as one basking in mental slavery, or the dark ages.

Some men openly associate themselves with this movement. Surprisingly, men that align themselves with feminism especially in this part of the world are often perceived as simps or women pleasers by men on the other side of the divide.

Feminism is a movement that has experienced various waves, and each wave came with changes to the goal of the movement. Nevertheless, the essence of feminism is equality for each gender.

By its essence, one can infer that feminism aims at an egalitarian society. This is what ought to be the aim of feminism. However, what is being played out by some Nigerian feminists on social media, and other members of society; I have concluded that there is a misconception about feminism.


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Clarity on Common Misconceptions about Feminism.

  • Feminism is not a launched war against “Men,” it is a fight against patriarchy.
  • Feminism is aimed at bringing an egalitarian society and not matriarchy.
  • Feminism is different from misandry. Misandry is vile. Real feminists are not men haters. They just don’t view men as their superior, rather as their equal.
  • Men can be feminists. It is feminism and not womanism. It is not just for women.
  • In feminism, people seek equal opportunities. True feminists embrace equal opportunities with the willingness to bear equal responsibilities. You can’t be a true feminist and expect a man to be the sole provider. That’s like wanting to eat your cake and still have it.
  • Feminism is beneficial to men. It lessens the burden of being a provider as installed on men by patriarchy. Via feminism, men can be free from the shackles of societal pressure.
  • Feminism gives men the room to be more emotionally expressive. In feminism, the phrase “men don’t cry” does not exist. Everyone is free to express themselves without being perceived as weak.
  • Feminism ought to address the problems of both genders.
  • Feminism gives women a voice to be more than just carriers of babies.
  • Thanks to feminism contemporary women are breaking grounds in different careers. Women are today making history.
  • Arguments on who to perform chores in the family are not the bedrock of feminism. 
  • Feminism addresses issues such as girl child marriage and genital mutilation.

Final Thoughts.

It is important to get informed about feminism before aligning or disagreeing with the movement.

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