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Let’s Talk First Menstrual Experience.

Now, this intro would have been, Hello Guys, I’m back with another video, but it’s not Youtube, It’s a blog, and it would be suitable as Hello 2709 Fam, I’m here with another intriguing post to keep you busy for about 2-3 minutes.

What’s today’s post about? I bet the heading has given you an idea.
Yes, we would be talking about the First Menstrual Experience. I find this topic exciting because I mean everyone has their personal experience and it varies.

Now I’ve noticed menstruation is a topic that is easily hidden, most people prefer not talking about it, but we are going to be breaking that chain, as we would be discussing it today.

First Menstruation is a new phase, that finally sets in the fact that you are a woman and that your body is not as it was when you were 5. I used 5 because these days we see 10-year-olds already going through womanhood. Now the experience differs for people, but one thing that is similar to everyone is the discomfort it brings initially.

I would be sharing with you at least 5 women’s first menstrual experiences, now their experience may be similar to yours or completely different, do let us know if any was, or kindly share with us if you believe yours is different and you are comfortable sharing it with us.


I appreciate you for allowing me to be part of this.

Ok so, I will be sharing my first menstruation experience below😊.
I started my menstruation when I was 13 years old and it was a wonderful experience.

I can’t remember the exact time but I know it started during the night I noticed it in the morning when I woke up, I woke up from bed with pain in my lower abdominal region, at first I thought probably I wanted to visit loo I mean wanted to poo until I felt that my pant was soaked and I was like oh I pee in my pant😹😹, but then I checked and It was blood😩, that was when the realization sent in but thankfully I already know what to do cause it was something I have been praying for🤭 cause I have a twin sister who has started a year ago so when I started mine I was happy but Omo the pain was intense.
So, I cleaned up well and used a good sanitary pad then the pain became more intense that I had to use some drugs and also drank hot water before I could get better, and well it lasted for seven good days, and yes trust me you have to be extra neat when doing it cus mine was a heavy flow that I had to changed pad 3-4 times a day excluding the nigh

So that was it but I believe we all have different body systems so it might be a different experience for others😊.
Thank you so much for having me😊 once again.

Anonymous (2)
My first menstruation was in JSS 3. I wanted to go collect promotional exam results for SS1, So I was oblivious, I was playing football with the boys, jumping from place to place, as we were all excited we were going to senior school, so as we were playing, I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen and I was wondering what was wrong, so I felt it was probably cause I had eaten something sweet, so I overlooked it. Later on, one of the guys I was playing, called me and told me, my skirt was stained, and I laughed about it, cause I didn’t understand what he meant until I went to check for myself and I realized I was stained. It was my first menstruation. I remember my mum had told me about it, but she wasn’t quite detailed, and they had also talked about it at school in my home economics/basic science class, so I had an idea about it. It was one of the guys that got me a pad, and when I got home, I told my mum and my mum killed a chicken and made it for me, and I’m not kidding, she did it. According to her, they do that in the olden days, they did it for her, so she did It for me, so I was happy about it and that is my First menstrual experience.

Anonymous (3)

I don’t think I remember much, but the little I do remember, I would My first menstrual experience was in JSS2, but before that the “Always” brand came to our school to come and enlighten us, and they shared books and I read it and I just couldn’t wait to start my period, so it started one morning, when I wanted to take my bath to go to school, I saw it and I completely ignored it. So when I wanted to have my bath, and I pulled my pant, then my mum saw it and she was now like “Ahh (she called my name) you are now a woman, blah blah blah, all those motherly talks, then she moved on to tell my sister, my aunt, and then they were like, It was difficult at first because I didn’t know how to wear a pad, my sister used to help me, and for some reason I felt, if I didn’t wear pad, the blood will stop flowing. So when I got back from school, I removed the pad and went to stay in the living room, but I don’t stay there for long cause my mum pursued me to go have my bath and put on a pad. So yeah that’s it. I got stained a lot during my first menstruation and it was quite embarrassing. There you go, that’s my first menstrual experience.

Anonymous (4)
My first menstrual experience was unexpected, I didn’t even notice if I had a sharp pain before it came, all I can remember was that it was on a weekend, I was doing my weekend chores, when I felt something down there, I’m so bodily conscious, so I went to the bathroom to go check myself and I found out there was something strange in my pants. It was like a black stain. I was scared, cause I had never seen such before. I couldn’t tell anyone cause I was embarrassed. It continued coming, so I noticed when I washed, the next drop I had was red, so it then dropped. My menstruation has come finally? Why did I say so? I had been waiting for it like crazy…I had my first at JSS 3 anyways, and for some reason, I felt it was late. I went to my mum’s wardrobe, she wasn’t around, in search of a pad, but I didn’t see, I was so very much uncomfortable. I couldn’t talk to anyone, because most people who were around me were men, and like I said I was shy, me small pikin. I used tissue in place of a pad, till my mum arrived. I asked her for a pad when she came, and she was like ” Are you on your period?” and I was like yes. She followed me to the bathroom and took a pad with her, She saw it and she showed me how to use a pad, and then she gave me the whole menstruation talk, and how I can now be able to give birth, and how I shouldn’t let any man touch me, you know those talks. I got pretty stained during my first period, but I’m thankful cause it prepped me for the next, and that’s my first menstrual experience.

So I’m the second of three girls and my elder sister started menstruating before me.
I had always watched her wear pads😂 and somehow I wanted to see blood come out of my body and need to wear an always pad.
That day, I was just eleven and I saw blood.
I was excited that it had finally come.
I kept it to myself at first but later I told my mum. She gave me tons of lectures on sex education. Lol, I know right, mothers and their goodwill messages.
At first, my flow would last for 7 days, and then it wasn’t consistent but now it has stabilized. My flow now isn’t heavy, it’s light. I’m glad to be a woman because it’s a beautiful phase for every girl.

These women have shared theirs, what’s yours? Let us know, Have any questions? Do ask and let’s give you a response.

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