Let’s Talk Natural Hair Struggles

 Let’s Talk Natural Hair Struggles
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Natural Hair as beautiful as it is, and how we carry it with so much pride, there are also some struggles we go through with our natural hair.

Here are the 5 most common natural hair “struggles” we deal with regularly and trust me a lot of people have confessed to this truth.

Now the struggles differ between people, I may have experienced shrinkage with my natural hair, and someone might have never experienced it at all.

A typical example, I was speaking with a friend today, and I was just complimenting her natural hair, and I told her how much I admired it, she told me she had kept natural for almost 5 years, and she went further by saying she admired my natural hair because of its shrinkage, I was so surprised, because I was admiring hers for its length and the fact it doesn’t shrink, and she was admiring mine for its shrinkage.

The truth of the matter is Natural hair has its ups and downs so does everything in life, and even those people you look up to and have hair goals, also face this, so just keep in mind, you are not alone.

  1. Shedding: Natural Hair is known to always shed, from hairballs to tiny clusters of hair on the floor. I bet you’ve experienced it at this point.
  2. Shrinkage: It’s hard to tell the length of someone’s hair when the person is struggling with shrinkage.
  3. Tangles: They say detangler, oils can help stop detangling, but even after the use of all that, many people still go through the struggle with tangling.
  4. Itching: This is a very common and tiring struggle, that many people with natural hair face.
  5. Hair Envy: Another struggle that most of us face, is very common, we always see, admire, wish and pray for someone else’s natural hair, that we find better than ours in every way.
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Have you ever faced any of this struggle, do let us know, did we forget anything?tell us. Share your struggle as well.

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