Lionel Messi Pauses in Traffic to Greet Fans

A heartwarming video capturing football legend Lionel Messi stopping to greet fans in traffic has gone viral on social media.

The footage which surfaced online captures the Argentine superstar in a rare moment of down-to-earth humility as he parks his car and takes time to engage with his fans.

In the video, Messi is seen by a group of fans while he was in traffic. Instead of ignoring the crowd, the football icon responded graciously, waving from his vehicle to greet and converse with them.

Netizens Reactions…

@Footballad10 asked; “What is he saying?.

@leomessiworld30 asked; “can someone translate what conversation they’re having please????????.”

@LM10G04T said; “They are discussing the youth tournament that was held this past weekend in Miami. Messi asks them If they are here for the tournament and in what age group their son plays in, which they respond “14”, and he responds “my son (Thiago) plays for the U12 age bracket”. Then they tell him they are huge fans.of his. Couple more words here and there but that is the summary of the conversation.”

@odn16 said; “ Love to see this. Dude has no pressure again. Just enjoying his last few years.”

@Ibrahim06943990 ·said; “Going to America was d best decision form him.”

@Godwinbalima said; “Messi is breathing…oh my god he’s too humble for breathing like humans.”

@poopookku said; “Messi living normal life…. Me and my idolo Pendu suffer ????

@Affansk10 said; “That’s why we love him.”

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