“Look at these Con Men of God.” – Charly Boy Slams Pastor Ibiyeomie for threatening Daddy Freeze.

Maverick entertainer, Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly boy, has reacted to Pastor Ibiyeomie’s recent threats towards OAP and leader of the Free the Sheeple Movement, Daddy Freeze.

Charly Boy, Daddy Freeze and Pastor Ibiyeomie.

While addressing his congregation few days ago, Pastor Ibiyeomie made serious verbal attacks on Daddy Freeze, who allegedly insulted his father, Pastor Oyedepo. Pastor Ibiyeomie did not take it likely with Daddy Freeze, and wasted no time in insulting him, calling him a Bastard, and even threatened to kill him if he ever insulted Oyedepo, again. And even went as far as cursing the day Daddy Freeze was born.

The video of Pastor Ibiyeomie insulting Daddy Freeze was posted on the internet, and within few minutes the video went viral.

Reacting to Pastor Ibiyeomie’s outburst, Charly Boy, wasted no time in calling him out on Social Media through a post on his Instagram Page. In his post, He asked Pastor Ibiyeomie who his father was, and also asked him if Pastor Oyedepo cannot make mistakes.

Read Charly Boy’s Post Below :

Look at these Con Men Of God.

So pastor Ibiyeome is saying that The Chief Racketeer, Pastor, Cardinal, Pope, Bishop Oyedepo can’t make mistakes because he’s all knowing?
Even in the house of worship he is calling our anointed Daddy Freeez a Bastard?

Pastor Ibiyeome,
Who is your father?
Where you not born on the express road bcos dats where most accidents happen.
Is Oyedepo man or God?
I know you have your head far up Oyedepo’s Ass dat u can’t see or hear clearly any more.

If you decide to make Daddy Freeeez a topic I will make you my Assignment.

God punish useless Fake Pastors”

Not only Charly Boy, but other Celebrities including Reno Omokri, Ali-baba and Lala Akindoju have also come out on Social Media to blast Pastor Ibiyeomie for threatening Daddy Freeze.

Reno Omokri in his post on twitter noted that Daddy Freeze was wrong on his own part, but also faulted Ibiyeomie for calling him a Bastard. He also reminded Ibiyeomie that even Jesus Christ was insulted.

Meanwhile, Daddy Freeze has reacted to Pastor Ibiyeomie’s remarks about him. In a ten minutes YouTube video, he demanded an apology from Ibiyeomie, and told the public to hold Ibiyeomie responsible if anything bad happened to him.

What are your thoughts about Pastor Ibiyeomie insulting Daddy Freeze?. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving your comments in the comment section below.

5 thoughts on ““Look at these Con Men of God.” – Charly Boy Slams Pastor Ibiyeomie for threatening Daddy Freeze.

  1. Pastor Ibiyeomie was not supposed to reply in that manner. It was too rash.
    It would have been best if Pastor Ibiyeomie ignored the issue or address it in a better manner

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