Love, Lust, or Infatuation?

Love is not the same as Lust, neither is it Infatuation. These three words are very different from each other.

Most times we think we love someone, but the clear truth is we are either lusting after the person or we feel infatuated with that person.

Let’s take a look at the difference between these three, so you will be clear on what you’ve always had in your past relationships and what you have now.

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What is Love?
Love is not lust, that you should know, a lot of people mistake lust for love, and there is nothing like love at first sight, it’s clearly lust at first sight. Love is complex, love takes time to develop. Love has respect, affection, and protectiveness for one another.

What is Lust?
Lust is that feeling when you see someone and you are physically attracted towards that person, like I said, it’s lust when it’s at first sight. Now you can lust after someone, despite being in a relationship, but take note, lust takes other forms aside from sexuality. It takes forms such as the lust for money, power, love, and the likes.

What Is Infatuation?
Infatuation is a strong feeling of admiration for someone or something, but it is short-lived. While love is a warm feeling and devotion towards one another. Infatuation is a foolish, strong, and obsessive feeling towards someone or something. At that point, all you can think of is that person, but it’s just for a short period, and you are back in the searching market.

I don’t know what you may classify as love, but believe me, when I say, it’s love when, it’s genuine, it’s open to misbehavior, it forgives. It messes with your emotions, and despite every headache, it may bring, or their flaws or the years spent you still find yourself choosing this particular person over and over again.

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