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Maduka Okoye Brings to Limelight Some of The White Lies Women Tell


Lol. My country people, I come bearing interesting gist about my gender.

In Nigeria, there is a local adage that says, “When breeze blow fowl yanch (butt) go open.” The rush for the Nigerian goalkeeper, Maduka Okoye, has brought to the limelight some of the white lies women tell.

The handsome goalkeeper became an internet sensation during the Nigerian match against Egypt. Funny enough, it wasn’t his skills that caught the attention of the public, rather, his looks got people talking. His gorgeous appearance caught the attention of lots of ladies who are now drooling for him.

Ohhh! Don’t just take my words for it, I present you evidence below;

Mind you, the German-born Nigerian is simply 22 years old but he has got older women dreaming.

Some White Lies Women Tell that has been Exposed by Maduka Okoye

Lie One: “We Don’t Like Fair Guys”

The stance of always preferring ebony guys to their fair counterparts has been exposed as sheer lies. 

Though the Nigerian goalkeeper is fair in complexion, he is the Nigerian player getting the most attention from girls. Lol, I thought they said black guys were their preferences.

Currently, Maduka’s comment session is filled with women professing love for him. 

Truth be told, the agenda of fair boys not being eye candy to women, is currently in the mud. The thirst for Maduka Okoye has exposed the previous rants of “We only like chocolate looking men” to be a lie.

Lie Two: “Girls Don’t Woo Men”

Women are always talking about how they can’t woo the opposite gender. They preach about self-respect a lot. 

In society, there is this notion that the man should do the wooing and not the other way around.  Nonetheless, girls are directly wooing Maduke via his comment section. Honestly, I can’t begin to imagine the state of his Dm.  

The intriguing part is that some of the pickup lines being used by the ladies hoping to get the attention of Maduke are Harvard worthy. 

Wow! For a gorgeous man, girls are open to taking the first step.

“Lie Three “Younger Men are not Attractive”

If you are familiar with social media, you would have seen various posts about women claiming not to like younger men. Surprisingly, Maduka is 22 years old and he still got them drooling. Lol! 

Frankly, you will be naive if you classify all the comments as sheer cruise. A good number of the ladies are very interested.  

Funny enough, society claims that men are moved by what they see while ladies are moved by what they hear. Well, news flash, ladies got eyes too and are equally moved by what they see.

Finally, Maduka must put up a good performance during the tournament because the attention he is getting from the ladies has got some men burning. Unfortunately, they will drag him like a tiger generator if he makes mistakes. 

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