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The game is not getting easier, as the players are steadily pressing necks with their actions. If you are a neutral viewer, cheers to you and the bosom of peace you lie on. If you have a favorite, is the person behind their face who you thought they were?

A lot has happened since last Friday. It turned out the ‘Vee and Neo’ ship is not as authentic as we thought. Kiasha admitted to having a thing for Neo in front of other housemates on Friday, and during the Saturday party, Neo was all over her.

The chemistry was so intense they trended on twitter as some fans started rooting for them to date. Imagine Neo leaving Vee for Kaisha. Wow! The drama would be epic. However, it turned out the universe was not ready for the intensity of such drama as Kiasha was evicted on Sunday.

Kiasha, the evicted housemate.

Sunday eviction was a shocker as only one housemate was evicted and Neo was up for eviction. Is Warri planning on carrying last this time around? 

Trikytee, Neo, Wathoni, and Kaisha were all up for eviction. Except for Lucy, the rest of the housemates voted out Kiasha. The irony of the story is that among the four housemates up for eviction, Kiasha had the highest votes. Well, it is what it is. 

The seven housemates with the least votes.

Viewers trended #justiceforkaisha and demanded the former voting process that gave ultimate power to the viewers. However, it seems they have forgotten that agenda as all hands are all deck to vote for their favorites this week. 

All the top contenders are up for eviction except Kiddwaya who is the head of the house. Erica, his ‘special friend’ who was the former head of the house cannot be taken as a deputy, therefore, Kiddwaya settled for her friend Tolanibaj.

Frankly, it seems the major competition is between Laycon and Erica. Both fan bases will vote to prove a point. The Elites (Erica’s fan base) will be having an advantage because fans of Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj are likely to vote for Erica. Still, I bet on the Icons (Laycon’s fan base) to come through for their boy.

Interesting Observations.

Masks worn by some housemates are beginning to fall off and we are beginning to see the actual person behind their faces.


Erica is gradually showing that behind that beautiful smile is someone that is quite condescending, and superficial in thoughts.

She once told Nengi that they were the two hottest girls in the house. She further told Kiddwaya that there are only “four proper guys in the house and they are all booed up.” She and Wathoni had a confrontation on Friday which was centered on Kiddwaya. Wathoni’s son was brought up. Erica went on to tell Tolanibaj, that if Kiddways goes for Wathoni then he is tasteless. In her diary session, she told Biggie she was wiser than Wathoni.

The above remarks reek of a condescending personality.

Honestly, I hope Erica won’t turn out like Daenerys in Game of Thrones.


After Lilo and Ka3na were evicted Neo became an extreme gossip trying to be in the good books of all housemates. It works for him as none of them voted for his eviction. However, viewers are not impressed with his actions. Little wonder he fell from top 10 to the housemate with the least votes.


Behind the sweet-looking and peaceful personality, Ozo is a man with anger issues. His outburst on Prince was a sign. Then how he reacted when the plantain didn’t fit in the basket during the Friday arena games was another red flag. In fact, Kaisha called him ‘wicked’ in her diary session. Personally, I find her remark to be extreme. 

Nevertheless, it is good Ozo is aware of his anger issues. He admitted it to Nengi and Biggie. I hope our Nigerian Harry Potter with glasses but no wand keeps his anger in check.

Nigeria – A Society in which the Villain is the Hero of the People.

The mask is off and it is obvious Nigerians love villains. 

After shedding tears in the diary room, Lucy goes into the house to reign fire and brimstone. She literally tried to stop Neo from separating a quarrel between Nengi and Kaisha on Sunday morning. Interestingly, she is amassing fans by being the villain. Lucy was among the seven housemates with the least amount of votes. 

Final Thoughts 

The game is still on and fan wars are getting bloody and toxic. Once again, cheers to the neutrals you guys are the ones getting entertained. The rest of us are getting mentally and emotionally drained especially since Biggie said he was going on vacation. 

The week promises to be filled with drama as food fights have started. Erica and Laycon practiced social distancing during the Saturday Owambe party. However, they both can’t stop talking about each other. 

This is where I draw the curtain close. I remain your plug for all the juicy Big Brother Naija stories. 

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