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Master KG surprises ex-lover, Makhadzi at a show


Master KG decides to put a smile on the face of his erstwhile girlfriend, Makhadzi.

In videos shared by the two musician, the music producer came on stage while the singer was performing to a large crowd at her show.

They both hugged each other at the end of the performance, while Makhadzi can be heard appreciating him for the surprise.

“Pulled a surprised at Makhadzi yesterday it was lit,” KG said.

In response, the singer said it was a huge one.

However, the Maskandi singer has taken down the video from her Facebook page.
The two music stars might be ex-lovers, but there’s no bad blood between them as they make jokes together and support each other’s career.

“What happened is we decided to be a brother and sister. We are cool with each other. There is no bad blood between us. I have moved on and I am dating someone else,” she said few months ago.

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However, it’s still vague as to why the video was taken down.

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