You know how members of the older generation are always talking about how they were fed in school and given jobs in their days; all medical practitioners done with internship/housemanship/NYSC will be telling the next sets of medical interns how they enjoyed being paid salaries in their days. 

In Nigeria, one of the benefits of studying any course in the medical profession was that one would be set for life after school.

Aspiring doctors, pharmacists and others often look forward to life after school. Life after school for them kicks off with one year of housemanship/internship. Anyone fortunate to secure a housemanship/internship place in a government establishment earns about a hundred thousand naira or more. Unfortunately, this has changed for the worse.

A recent document released by the Head of Service of the Federation approves the removal of internship programmes/housemanship/NYSC Doctors,  as posts that attract grade levels in the salary scheme.

If you are currently studying in a medical field, that was once paid salaries during internship/housemanship, you will not be experiencing such benefits.

Just like everything dwindling in this country, the salaries of medical interns have receded into mere allowance. 

Omo! Which way Nigeria? Where are you heading to?

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