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“Men are big babies too”, singer Oxlade tells women

Oxlade twlss women that men deserve to be pampered too

The fast-rising star believes men have to be equally pampered the same way women are.

Nigerian talented singer, Olaitan Abdulrahman, popularly known as Oxlade has told ladies that men are “big babies” that also need to be pampered.

The singer said this while sharing a screenshot of a romantic message on his Snapchat story. It could be deduced that the message was meant for a male lover.

“Love of my life, the rarest and realest of them, mi Amor, big sexy. I know you aren’t feeling well. I just want you to know we’re in this together,” the message read.

“Being sick can sometimes feel lonely. I think you know by now I will always pray for you and I trust God to give you complete healing.

“Are you home? So I can order you something nice to eat and you can get full rest.”

Sharing his thought concerning the message, Oxlade wrote, “If your shima no dey follow you talk like that, na fellowship una dey do.

“Men are big babies too. It’s only right the pampering goes both ways. As you dey do your babe like egg make she sef dey do you the same way.

“Make e no go says dem dey fry you babe dey use am chop bread by the side.”

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