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Moshe Ndiki pens down beautiful message to his brother as he turns a year older today


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Moshe Ndiki has taken to his social media to pen down beautiful message to his younger brother who turned a year older today.

The star shared photos of him stating how proud he is and how far he has come.

“Today is my younger brothers birthday- my son , my hearts keeper. Buntu I love you so much ndoda, I’m so proud of you and what you’ve achieved and still to achieve in this life time . You’re always by my side even when you’re far , you’re always checking up and showing love , care and respect.”

Moshe stated that he has been a supportive brother as he has always been by his side.

“You call me out when I’m wrong and manage to calm me down.  You take care of my in my lowest moments always picking me up with words of encouragement. God just got it right with you mninawa. ( well you do have the worlds best brother 🌚) 🤣♥Thank you for listening and Thank you for always speaking your mind.Thank you for trusting me with your heart , I promise to always be by your side till the wheels fall off.You’ll always be my number one ♥ I love you brother bear.”

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