Motara; Clout Chasing went wrong.

The case of Motara is a perfect example of how we are not so different from our leaders. You really should read Nigerians and Corruption. A case of Values and Repercussion. The only difference between most Nigerians and the government is simply an opportunity to be in power.

Motara, a Twitter influencer, is trending on Twitter both locally and internationally. The influencer who claimed 2020 was her breakthrough year, took a video of her teasing a child beggar with a bottle of drink while driving. 

Committing such a horrible act was not considered a big deal to her, as she recorded the incident and posted it on her WhatsApp status. I can’t imagine the emotional pain that the child went through. This is one vile memory she might never forget. Motara went on to say;

I’m shitty I know, I gave her money las las.

The video was saved from her status and brought to Twitter leading to an uproar.  Many condemned her act vehemently, especially since a few days back, she shared her grass to grace story; and told the world how her mother does hawk to help sustain the family. 

After being dragged, Motara apologized claiming that her infamous act was a mistake, as she thought teasing a beggar would be funny. 

Honestly, most Nigerian Twitter influencers are clout chasers. They repeat the act of going overboard, get dragged, and consequently trend, then they apologize.  Clout is indeed one hell of a drug and Twitter influencers can do anything for it. 

Thankfully, this time around the act was not swept under the carpet. Motara’s accounts have been suspended from Twitter. Mind you as a Twitter influencer, Twitter is where she earns. Well, she has lost her accounts and is currently trending in France with foreigners condemning her act. She equally lost her endorsement deal.

It is sickening to treat anyone the way she treated that child.  This should serve as a lesson to all who think, no publicity is bad publicity. Therefore they can do anything for clout or in the name of cruising.

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